5 Photo Hotspots in Marbella’s Old Town

Marbella is a photographer’s dream. The traditional atmosphere is mixed with contemporary aspects and especially when the weather is good (almost every day ? ), the city is extremely vibrant. However, you don’t always stumble upon the best spots when visiting a city. We’re big photography fans, and we often encounter this problem when visiting another town. So, we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourite spots in Marbella’s Old Town to snap the perfect holiday shot.

Plaza Santo Cristo

A cozy and colourful square. With a fountain right in the middle, surrounded by pastel-tinted houses and towering palm trees, this place is the ultimate place to capture the tranquility of Marbella.

Calle Virgen de los Dolores

Iconic, that’s what comes to mind when we walk through this street. The best time to visit is during late spring, or summer, because the Bougainvillea plants on the walls will be at their best. This makes for a fantastic shot.

Calle Carmen + The Steps

Trust us, you won’t be the only one visiting Calle Carmen. It can get extremely busy. However, many tourists forget the climb the steps alongside it. This gives a cool perspective of a typical old town street, with Marbella’s beautiful church in the background (Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación).

Plaza de la Victoria

A true green space in Marbella. Did you know that Marbella was once named Europe’s 2nd greenest city? We always enjoy walking past this square. Photo tip: take a shot with the fountain in the foreground, and the square in the background.

Your Own Discovery

Marbella is a maze. If you need to get somewhere fast, that can be a problem. However, if you’re on holiday, and you brought a camera, this is the perfect setting. Get lost in the many narrow alleys and stumble upon the most unique places. There are many still undiscovered! We hope this short guide will help you. Interested in more travel tips? Subscribe to our Downtown newsletter or download the free digital magazine.


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